September Reflections

I feel like I sky rocketed into fall this year; a bit of a jarring transition which came on rather quickly.

In August, the heat of summer continued. And to be fair, the month seemed to pass by in a blur with my birthday/ car accident at the start, followed up by two major dance competitions for Dan, and my decision to visit Thailand with my friend Stacey, and the resultant pre-travel arrangements (e.g., shots, gear, packing, purchases, etc.). (Speaking of, I’ll write a separate post on Thailand soon – as it definitely deserves its own mention.)

Fall hit me suddenly – when Stacey’s father picked us up at JFK Airport in NYC and drove  us along Long Island’s winding highways to her parents’ house for Rosh Hashanah dinner (my first RH dinner, by the way. I’d been to a Seder years ago, but discovered that the holidays are a bit different).

The trees were still green in Long Island, though starting to show a tinge of autumn color, but the air was brisk and mild. The temperature was probably around 65 F. It literally shocked my senses (after spending 8 days in the lush, humid climate in Thailand), but also reminded me of that familiar transition into the colder months. Fall is undoubtedly my favorite time of year.

And now it’s practically October, and I feel like I want to stop time and hold onto this season just a little bit longer.

I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since Dan and I were in Chicago for Swing City. I thoroughly enjoyed that trip. The dancing was fun, but the time spent with him and his friends, and the moments when it was just us, were really wonderful. And to top it off we were surrounded by the trappings of autumn with colder temperatures, multicolor foliage, and that warm glow of mutual love.


Per the usual, my recent travels and the start of fall, have put me in reflection mode.

Firstly, it’s amazing to think of what’s happened in just this last year.

In fact, we started this blog in September 2011! Happy First Anniversary to RegularDaze. 🙂

But also, there have been so many events: my parents moving from Nevada to Texas, Dan and I venturing out to various dance events and exploring more genres of dance (his decision to focus more on West Coast Swing, and our journey into the Blues dancing community), our pre-holiday getaway to San Antonio, my travels across the U.S., celebrating our one year anniversary around Valentine’s Day, the end of my NYC lawsuit just before my more recent car accident, a couple of weddings (his co-worker, my college friend), his company experimenting with new projects and the beginnings of his search for next steps, my application process for PhD programs that didn’t pan out,  losing my job and delving deeper into photography, Dan’s efforts at improving his rock climbing, his trip to Dallas with dance friends and my trip to Thailand with Stacey… and more. It’s been an eventful 12 months.

Secondly, since I’ve been traveling quite a bit recently, and Dan and I have had conversations about relocating in the near future, I’ve been thinking a lot about what kind of a life we might have or want to have. For instance…

Were we to live in Thailand, our life would be filled with lots of cross-cultural exchange, and relaxed. We’d certainly have to learn a new language, figure out how to drive on the left-side of the road, get used to different standards of hygiene, and be vigilant about sun and mosquito protection. We’d also be able to eat fresh and spicy cuisine constantly, and centrally located to travel across Asia, able to live very well on little (due to the current exchange rate between the Thai Baht and USD), and far from everything and everyone that we’re familiar with.

Were we to live in New York City, our life would be fast-paced and diverse. We’d likely give up our cars and use public transportation, we’d shop more often at local retailers and attend more cultural events (plays, exhibits, talks, etc.), we’d need warm gear for the winters, and we’d be able to eat food from almost any part of the world at any given time of day. We’d need to find jobs where the salary increased significantly to maintain our current standard of living, or we’d need to decide to live simply (and probably in close quarters). We’d be closer to other Northeastern states and cities and the Atlantic, and able to stay in touch with friends and family.

Were we to live in San Diego, our life would be mild-mannered. We’d  be able to eat delicious seafood or visit the beach whenever we wanted, and keep our cars as we’d likely commute back and forth to work. We’d probably live in a place not too cramped or too sprawled. We’d be able to take advantage of outdoor activities year-round, and within a few hours drive could visit other Western/Southwestern states, or other parts of California. We’d likely find lots of Mexican cuisine, though slightly different than what we now have in Austin, and would stay abreast of developments with friends and family.

Those three locales are just examples of the Rubik’s Cube assortment of permutations my brain has been pondering of late.

I have no idea where we’ll end up together, but in keeping with the spirit of fall (and thereby the beginnings of change and transition), I enjoy considering various options and starting to align the mechanisms to move us forward.

Life really is a journey, and I think I’m finally starting to see it as more of an inclusive set of experiences, vs. a litany of items on a check list to achieve. I’m still goal-oriented mind you, but I’ve been trying to sit back and acknowledge the view from above a bit more.

Hope autumn is treating you well, wherever you may be.

Thanks for reading,



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