Birthday Bash

Writing codifies things – puts an indelible mark on a once blank page (or screen), and makes them real.

And I desperately didn’t want to accept this as real – but I can’t deny it, and I can’t run from it.

So here goes…

I’m embarking on another personal injury lawsuit, this time in Texas.

On my birthday, a couple of weeks ago, I was rear-ended, and the impact caused injury. My car suffered some damage. Fortunately, Dan wasn’t in the car with me, but unfortunately, I am the one hurt.

As you might remember, I am on the heels of celebrating the settlement of my longtime NYC personal injury lawsuit (which lasted from September 2009 – June 2012). And now it’s back to the fray of legalities, insurance companies, medical providers, and physical and emotional upheaval.

Things have been difficult lately (re: physical and emotional upheaval), but I know I (we) have been through this before, and I know I (we) will get through it again (somehow). Dan, my parents, and close friends have been encouraging and supportive – and I know without a doubt that they will be indispensable to maintaining my fortitude during this experience, as I will be to them.

I can not recommend these circumstances to anyone – surely, there must be other means for learning about the legal system, the state of U.S. healthcare, the insurance industry, and one’s strength of character – but I can not deny reality either. The situation exists and I (we) must face it head on, again.

I haven’t found the silver lining in all this yet, and I definitely don’t know why it’s happening. I recognize the laws of probability/chance and being caught in a string of random, unrelated events, but I also acknowledge that I am the type who seeks meaning in everything. I value fitting the puzzle pieces of life into some sort of comprehensible whole. And in a puzzle each piece has its role; its purpose. I like taking experiences and thoughts, sorting them into digestible boxes, tying each box with a ribbon, and storing them in the categorized shelves of my mind.

Lately, my efforts at categorization are being continually thwarted by life events, and to be honest, it’s frustrating.

As I said above, I know I (we) have been through this before, and will get through it again. I (we) just don’t know quite what to expect, or what will become of it.

And yet, I (we) don another parachute and jump headfirst back into the land of the medically litigious.

Wish me (us) luck. It’s time for another journey.

Thanks for reading,



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