Good Enough

She was good enough;




He was bad enough;




Girl meets boy – boy spins yarns.

A hand beside her inseam.

The touch of a devious lover,

a pocket knife.

He carves with deft dexterity,

a sliver here,

a sliver there.

For months.

Come the years, and she resembles he.


In flesh, in cold.

“Have you been sick?”

“Are you getting enough rest?”

“Do you eat your vitamins?”

They ask.

She’s been whittled,


Can’t work,

can’t concentrate,

can’t breathe.

A therapist pushes –

She justifies her pull.

Until, one day

she sees




She IS good enough.

She IS flesh

and (less) warm

and (less) trusting.

But he is crafty,

clever in his deceit.

The knife appears a feather –

“the better to tickle you with, my dear”

but she knows,

the butt of the joke.

To extricate, the plan.

By will, by choice.

Ceasing contact, and


No flesh to carve.

And minute by minute,

hour by hour,

day by day,

she grows.

A step,

towards tomorrow.


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About regulardaze

Hi, I'm Sarah. I enjoy photography, dancing, travel, theatre, delicious food, and learning (constantly, about almost everything imaginable). I currently live in Austin, TX. Thanks for sharing in my thoughts and adventures! :)

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  1. regulardaze says :

    Oh wow, thanks so much for the nomination! Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated. 🙂

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