One day

it will all make sense.

I’ll clear this fence

and sink down

into the blue, the green, the red.

Retrace my steps

find it slow as slow

fast as fast.

Work the ground with fingers curled

deep into sand, grass, and water.

I’ll reconnect

free myself, and find

I was there the whole time.

Comb the soul

shake and roll

forget the toll – but not completely.

Inside, I’ll see me

for all that I became, for everywhere I’ve been.

Resisting the darkness and the light

seeking the gray, the filtered bright.

Sifting through – I think I grew?

Finding myself in yesterday, when

I thought tomorrow was the goal.

Will I recompense my spirit?

Find the soul I long,

dare more than dream it?

Or will I be,

rooted in my misery.

Or if not misery, the former me

the me I can no longer hope to be.

Anew now

and through

with victimology.

Time to reclaim, the me inside.

Why do I fight,

when the best is letting go?



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About regulardaze

Hi, I'm Sarah. I enjoy photography, dancing, travel, theatre, delicious food, and learning (constantly, about almost everything imaginable). I currently live in Austin, TX. Thanks for sharing in my thoughts and adventures! :)

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