Idyllic Tranquility

Yes I read the NY Times online when I can.

That statement might infer that I’m:

– Politically liberal/leftist

– Wealthy or of a decent income

– Educated beyond high school

– Elitist

– Living in a metropolitan area

– Somewhat of a cultural snob

But you could contrast any of those qualities with the fact that I also read articles in: The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The APA Monitor, People, Psychology Today, Good Housekeeping, Calvin and Hobbes and Charlie Brown comics, as well as a variety of books (sci-fi, fiction, non-fiction, text books, academic articles, relationship/self-help, cook books).

So I guess I say that just to put things in context…I like to read around the spectrum, so to speak.

But anyway, the point of this posting is not to debate my profile based on what I read – or is it?

The NY Times ran this article recently in its Culture section:

And I’ve kept it open in my browser tabs (which is a clear indication that I’m interested and thinking about something) for the last few days.

To me, the article just exuded peace and tranquility. Somehow I feel like Europeans have a knack for this. Folks in Europe generally work less hours per week than their U.S. counterparts, they take off months for maternity leave, they have healthcare, and they take “holiday” in places that seem to offer lots of enrichment across the range of needs (spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, etc.).

The Lasnet Tennant family appear to be no exception. Now, it’s true – I’m not a former Calvin Klein model married to a prolific retired Fashion photographer turned Osteopath, but I don’t need to be in order to take in the natural beauty and sort of “classic elegance” if you will, that this article provides both in words and pictures.

I want to integrate aspects of their lifestyle into mine…

I want to be surrounded by nature more often, and I want to interact with it (hiking, campfires, swimming, walks on the beach or through the woods).

I want to eat food that I’ve grown.

I want to feel at peace in the place that I live, and I want the ability to give a dog (or two) the space to roam.

Mostly I just want tranquility and a sense of inner calm. That sort of “holistic wellness”, if you will.

The last on this list is probably one of the most difficult to achieve. Granted I could plan to attend Yoga, start meditation exercises, listen to relaxation CDs…but lately I just feel like I’ve been on an ongoing hamster wheel and I’d like to jump off and go roam free for a bit – rediscover myself, I suppose.

This coming month I’m heading to NYC alone for business, and Dan and I are heading to Chicago for a four-day weekend. I’m hoping both of these trips (while not to a beautiful Scottish farm estate), will provide me with a little space from the rat race and help me recharge internally. I’m really looking forward to reacquainting myself with myself, again.

Thanks for reading,



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